Understanding the Invaluableness of Electronic Medical Records

In our many Allure facilities, we are always looking for the smartest and most efficient solutions to healthcare for the injured and the elderly. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) have been a priceless companion in our efforts to serve our residents safely and effectively. A recent blog post on AllureCare.com explains, "An EMR also allows medical [...]

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The Allure Group’s Longevity Garden Provides Comfort in Old Age

They say there’s no place like home, and when it comes to rehabilitation and old age, it’s definitely true. After many years on our feet, living and loving, the time comes for many of us when home isn’t enough: we need medical care and resources around the clock. But there’s no good reason to give [...]

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Company Spotlight: Pinta Partners, Founded by Joel Landau

Pinta Partners is an equity firm that aims to provide lasting value to its network of investors and the healthcare establishments it invests in. With a focus on healthcare for chronically-ill, elderly, and disabled New York residents, Pinta Partners harvests advances in medicine and technology. Our holistic approach to healthcare delivery has three key major [...]

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How Anti-Gravity Treadmills Assist in Physical Therapy

Gravity is a constant. But the appearance of gravity can be manipulated through air pressure, to the benefit of both astronauts exercising in space and patients rehabilitating on the ground. When NASA researchers sought to replicate gravity in space, they developed a device that could alleviate gravity here on Earth. The AlterG, or anti-gravity treadmill, [...]

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Connect with Joel Landau

Joel Landau blogs regularly on his website JoelLandau.com. You can also follow Joel on Twitter or connect with Joel on LinkedIn. To learn more about Joel's numerous entrepreneurial endeavors, follow Joel on Crunchbase. Joel also contributes regularly to Medium. As a real estate and healthcare entrepreneur, Joel Landau can also be found on BiggerPockets. If you're considering a nursing [...]

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Joel Landau Spotlight: Joel Featured in “The Costly Care of the Few”

AlphaCare, a company that Joel Landau co-founded in 2012, was featured in an article by Oxeon Partners, a healthcare growth services firm with offices in New York City, Washington, DC and Silicon Valley. The article," The Costly Care of the Few," highlights businesses and leaders who are "working to 'move the needle' by making very small changes that [...]

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