Pinta Partners is an equity firm that aims to provide lasting value to its network of investors and the healthcare establishments it invests in. With a focus on healthcare for chronically-ill, elderly, and disabled New York residents, Pinta Partners harvests advances in medicine and technology. Our holistic approach to healthcare delivery has three key major goals, which double as benefits: greater access for all patients, a higher quality of life for New Yorkers, and cost reduction.

A Holistic Vision

Founded in 2012, Pinta Partners was built on a passion for excellence in healthcare, a lifelong mission for Managing Director, Joel Landau. Landau founded Pinta Partners alongside David Harrington, a highly experienced healthcare executive who shared his vision. Pinta Partners seeks partnerships that seek effective and high-quality healthcare New York City’s neediest populations.

At Pinta Partners, we believe that it takes a community to provide the holistic care that chronically ill, elderly, and disabled people deserve. This community manifests as a network of support by family and friends, technology, and comprehensive health services. Together, these elements facilitate positive health outcomes for the people who need it most.

These beliefs are reflected in, among other things, the management of chronic disease management. Pinta Partners’ investors demonstrate the interest and ability to research, develop, test and implement strategies that enhance patient wellbeing, longevity, and overall improve the healthcare conditions of those treated and cared for.

Strong Partnerships

At Pinta Partners, we bring our vision to life by forging strong partnerships to maximize healthcare outcomes. One key way this occurs is through the revitalization of existing but underutilized services and healthcare institutions. In order to transform underdeveloped, early, or middle-stage healthcare resources into fully-functional facilities that guarantee quality care, we work to rebuild institutions to implement meaningful improvements without starting from scratch. Pinta Partners believes this strategy nurtures the existing management and features of healthcare operations of our partner entities.

This strategy enhances quality, growth, and profitability. Our firm makes investments of up to $10 million in small to mid-sized companies that share in its vision of holistic, quality, community-strong care. Pinta Partners specializes in identifying opportunities and selecting investments that fit within its overall business model, and stand to benefit from our broad operational strengths and expansive knowledge of the healthcare market.


At Pinta Partners, we seek out investment opportunities spanning the healthcare industry. Specifically, our firm is interested in investing in the following entities:

  • Chronic Care Management
  • Managed Care and Managed Long-term Care
  • Healthcare Technology
  • Telemedicine
  • Home Health and Skilled Nursing
  • Medical Devices
  • Medical Transportation

Pinta Partners seeks to partner with healthcare companies that are ready to take the next step. If our investment approach speaks to you, and your healthcare company shares our passion for quality service and vision of holistic care, please feel free to contact us.