In a society that values diversity, establishing inclusive environments remains vital, particularly in healthcare settings. The Allure Group takes great pride in its unwavering commitment to respecting and accommodating the diverse backgrounds and needs of individuals across its numerous skilled nursing facilities. Our meticulously designed cultural programs set a benchmark for fostering inclusivity within our facilities.

Let us now delve into Allure Group’s four prominent programs, thoughtfully crafted to celebrate and support the diverse cultural identities of our cherished residents:

The Longevity Garden:

At Hamilton Park, Bedford Center, and the King David Center, we have created the Longevity Garden, a nostalgic haven that embraces the memories, activities, and sensory experiences familiar to our residents of Asian descent. Understanding the significance of language and traditions, we have employed culturally-sensitive staff who speak the residents’ language and comprehend their customs.

The Longevity Garden boasts numerous features, including registered nurse managers fluent in both Chinese and English, on-site translators to facilitate effective communication with all residents, curated bilingual recreational programs, and authentic Chinese cuisine prepared by a specially-trained chef. Additionally, residents have the opportunity to dine together in a welcoming communal area and access daily newspapers and TV channels in Chinese.

Glatt Kosher:

At the Bedford Center and King David Center, we understand the profound importance of Jewish traditions in the lives of our residents. To ensure their spiritual and cultural needs are met, we offer Rabbinical services, and our Rabbinical staff actively engages with residents and their families in their daily lives.

Our Glatt Kosher kitchens are overseen by a dedicated full-time Mashgiach under the strict guidance of the Viener Dayan of Monsey, R’ Menachem Fisher. Residents also partake in religious services three times a day in our newly renovated shul. Furthermore, we provide an authentic and traditional holiday experience for each Yomim Tovim, aiming to make our residents feel at home. Notably, a wholesome Shabbos meal is also served in the shul, inviting residents and their families to share on the occasion.

Romashka Gardens:

Located at our King David Center, the Romashka Gardens program beautifully captures the memories, activities, and sensory experiences cherished by our residents of Russian descent. In these gardens, we offer exemplary rehabilitation services delivered by staff who are not only fluent in the residents’ language but also well-versed in their customs.

The environment of Romashka Gardens reflects the rich traditions and style of Russia, while the dining area offers daily servings of authentic Russian/Kosher cuisine, fostering communal dining experiences. Our Jewish services are also thoughtfully provided in Russian and Yiddish, and we offer an array of Russian publications and television channels to cater to residents’ preferences.

Salud Latina:

At our Crown Heights Center, we have created a unique Spanish and English environment designed to provide a familiar and homely atmosphere for our residents and their families. Salud Latina embodies the richness of Hispanic tradition and style, supported by a team of bilingual nurses, physicians, and social workers.

Residents can partake in religious services conducted in Spanish, and they can enjoy a selection of over 20 premium Spanish television channels and Spanish publications. Additionally, our residents are treated to daily servings of authentic Spanish cuisine, further enhancing their sense of belonging and comfort.

In sum, The Allure Group’s cultural programs exemplify our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and our sincere dedication to creating a warm and welcoming environment for all residents. In an increasingly diverse world, actively embracing and celebrating cultural differences is not only essential but also enriching for all those involved.