AlphaCare, a company that Joel Landau co-founded in 2012, was featured in an article by Oxeon Partners, a healthcare growth services firm with offices in New York City, Washington, DC and Silicon Valley. The article,” The Costly Care of the Few,” highlights businesses and leaders who are “working to ‘move the needle’ by making very small changes that impact very large populations.”

Oxeon Partner’s mission is to connect healthcare companies with what it calls “the fundamental drivers of business growth.” AlphaCare was highlighted for its forward-thinking approach to providing Medicaid managed long-term care plan serving the Bronx, Brooklyn, New York, Queens and Westchester County.  AlphaCare is designed for chronically ill and disabled individuals who want to continue to live in their home, but need assistance with day-to-day health activities.

“If AlphaCare isn’t the epitome of ‘doing well while doing good,'” we don’t know what is, says Oxeon Partners.

Check out the article and read Joel Landau’s quote explaining the AlphaCare philosophy that “care is centered and customized to meet the unique needs of each member.”