In our many Allure facilities, we are always looking for the smartest and most efficient solutions to healthcare for the injured and the elderly. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) have been a priceless companion in our efforts to serve our residents safely and effectively.

A recent blog post on explains, “An EMR also allows medical professionals to monitor a patient’s progress and share that information with others as the situation demands — and allows the patient easy access, him- or herself, via computer, smartphone or tablet. An EMR shows when a patient is due for an examination or screening. It can help identify potential red flags.”

The implementation of these records, of course, is not without challenges. To learn more about what those hurdles are, as well as the time-saving and life-saving benefits of EMRs, read the full article.

—Joel Landau

Joel Landau is the co-founder of The Allure Group, a consortium of nursing and rehabilitation centers designed to be one-stop solutions to support the growing needs of the aging. Joel is a frequent contributor to Score NYC, a mentoring hub for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.  He writes about business growth and development as well as healthcare innovation. His work has also appeared on and AlleyWatch. Connect with Joel Landau on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter.